Carsington Water Family Fun Weekend 2012

What a fabulous weekend was had by all members who came.
We had a total of 26 units attend this weekend with a youth area containing 12 youth members.
We had visitors from Bangor DA, Chesterfield DA, Chase DA, North Staffs Da, Staffs DA, Derbyshrie DA and the Canoe Camping Club.

The activities organised for the weekend were:
Down to the waterside for all youth members and juniors to partake in a session of canoe teaching, then back to site for a clean up and food.

All were then informed of our evening activity. A Night Walk around a small section of Carsington Water. The youth were given a copy of an Ordnance Survey map of Carsington and two co-ordinates. Also a list of items to locate on the route. Three groups were formed and one of those groups contained the camping club juniors, who I must say were absolutely brilliant. We left site at 8.30pm (setting off 5 minutes between each group) met at our ending point about 10pm and all arrived back onsite at roughly 11pm.

We also held a raffle over the weekend, which was draw at coffee morning and well attended. The feedback for the weekend was that everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

There were a few youth members who also took their youth tests and I am pleased to say passed with flying colours. Those youth members were: Tommy Faulkner (Canoe Camping Club) and Amy Howdle (Staffordshire DA). Congratulations to you both.

I hope you find the pictures interesting and would love it if you could see yourselves coming to the next Annual Family Fun Weekend and Youth Meet.

DSCF3307 DSCF3316 DSCF3318 DSCF3319 DSCF3320 DSCF3321
DSCF3322 DSCF3323 DSCF3327 DSCF3328 DSCF3330 DSCF3331
DSCF3332 DSCF3340 DSCF3341 DSCF3343 DSCN0350 DSCN0353
DSCN0356 DSCN0357 DSCN0358 DSCN0359 DSCN0363 DSCN0366
DSCN0367 DSCN0368 DSCN0369 DSCN0370 DSCN0371 DSCN0372
DSCN0373 DSCN0374 DSCN0375 DSCN0376 DSCN0377 DSCN0378
DSCN0379 DSCN0380 DSCN0381 DSCN0382 DSCN0383 DSCN0384
DSCN0386 DSCN0387 DSCN0388 DSCN0390 DSCN0391 DSCN0392
DSCN0393 DSCN0394 DSCN0395 DSCN0396 DSCN0397 DSCN0398
DSCN0399 DSCN0400 DSCN0401 DSCN0402 DSCN0403 DSCN0404
DSCN0405 DSCN0406 DSCN0407 DSCN0408 DSCN0409 DSCN0410
DSCN0411 DSCN0412 DSCN0413 DSCN0414 DSCN0415 DSCN0416
DSCN0417 DSCN0418 DSCN0419 DSCN0420 DSCN0421 DSCN0422
DSCN0423 DSCN0424 DSCN0425 DSCN0426 DSCN0428 DSCN0429
DSCN0430 DSCN0431 DSCN0432 DSCN0433 DSCN0436 DSCN0437
DSCN0438 DSCN0439 DSCN0440 DSCN0441 DSCN0442 DSCN0443
IMG_0383 IMG_6651 IMG_6655 IMG_6656 IMG_6664 IMG_6668
IMG_6675 IMG_6676 IMG_6679 IMG_6689 IMG_6691 IMG_6694
IMG_6696 IMG_6698 IMG_6700 IMG_6701 IMG_6703 IMG_6704
IMG_6705 IMG_6706 IMG_6707 IMG_6711 IMG_6713 IMG_6714
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IMG_6798 IMG_6799 IMG_6800 IMG_6817 IMG_6828