Derbyshire DA ~ Rock and Roll Weekend @ Ukrainian Centre, Weston on Trent

The event was well attended as it was the first time that we have run this meet with 78 units out.
The entertainment was very well received by all and the costumes and dancing was amazing.

A 50/50 and a bottle raffle were run over the weekend to raise funds for the Youth Section.

The stewards did a great job getting everyone pitched on Friday, so a big thank-you goes out to those involved.
We also celebrated a 50th Wedding Anniversary for Paddy and Brenda. Picture of the Cake and gifts can be seen within the picture gallery. Lets hope they have another 50 years of married bliss.
Thanks also go to the members who spent their time Saturday afternoon giving tuition in jiving to other members who wanted lessons so that they could enjoy Saturday night more. In general a successful weekend!
Pat Jackson DDA Chairman / PRO

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