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Satellite Navigation
Satellite Navigation systems or Sat Navs have become an affordable and in some cases, indispensable accessory to the motorist. Gone are the days of struggling with large books of maps or directions scribbled on scrap pieces of paper.

However with all their incredible features and undeniable convenience, they - like any gadget in your vehicle - demand a certain amount of your attention sometimes in order to operate them properly.

This of course means that your attention is taken off the road and means that you could put yourself and your passengers at risk of having an accident. Following these simple tips can help you avoid such dangerous situations, and avoid having an accident.

Your Sat Nav may not always get it right. Road layouts change all the time and the data may not always be up to date. Take a current paper map book with you, just in case.

Preset your destination and mode of operation/display before you start driving. You don't want to be messing with the controls when you are driving if at all possible.

Either check your route before hand on the internet for possible road works or diversions or listen to a radio channel that keeps you informed of this information.

If you suspect that you may have been taken off course and need to select an alternative route, pull over in a safe place and make the adjustments. Please do not attempt this while you are driving.

If it still seems to be taking you in the wrong direction, then it's time to stop and either make a phone call, consult the old fashioned paper or dare we say it, ask somebody.

Just remember that driving your vehicle demands your full attention to remain safe. If you need to make adjustments or do any serious thinking, pull over safely somewhere to do it.