North Central Regional Meet 2015

Oswestry Showground
Park Hall
SY11 4AB

The NCR Regional Meet took place over the weekend of 14th to 18th May 2015 at Oswestery Showground, with the Annual General Meeting taking place on the Saturday morning.

A report on the AGM can be found here. AGM 2015 Report

There are also a few videos of the evening entertainment. Click on the links below to take you to the youtube videos.
True price of coal.
The Wonder of you.
Nesun dorma.
Before you go.
La donna e mobile.

North Central Region Council Election

This years NCR Elections were run electronically (along with postal vote for those who wanted one) This resulted in an increase in the amount of votes cast even though the turnout was still low. Below are the results.

Result of Council elections -

Joanne Mutch 434 votes (17%) Elected for 3 years
Pat Shaw 386 votes (15%) Elected for 3 years
Glyn Roberts 374 votes (15%) Elected for 3 years
Peter Taylor 362 votes (14%) Elected for 3 years
David Grocott 359 votes (14%) Elected for 3 years
Ronald Challinor 348 votes (14%) Elected for 2 years
David Painter 263 votes (10%) Elected for 2 years
Total votes = 2526
Number of ballot papers issued = 39125
Total number of individual ballots cast = 957
Turnout = 2.45%
Total number of votes discarded due to members no longer being eligible to vote = 6

Certificate from Air Ambulance for Chairmans charity recceived

As many of you will be aware, the Chairmans Charity for the 2015 AGM meet was the Air Ambulance. We have now recieved the certificate from them for the money raised during this meet.

Air Ambulance certificate